$RETOKEN Token Policy

We #BUIDL Passive Income with Real Estate Investing for Everyone. $RETOKEN is for fun. Token Contract: 0x48FBAA61DE702becB9b4AC0c6aFe3F9abcaFF914

This originally appeared on REtoken: RIP-1 | Genesis Proposal (Season 0)

(this was REtoken's 1st proposal on Snapshot.org, our current DAO Voting / Governance platform)

Token Policy

$RETOKEN is for fun.

$RETOKEN is for learning.

$RETOKEN is for meeting new people and making connections with others who share similar values and goals.

$RETOKEN is a community utility token designed to give access and rewards to its members.

Key examples of utility are:

  • Access to community Discord, or other community portals built within the web3 ecosystem.

  • Access to community, network, and working groups.

  • Access to events.

  • Access to content.

  • Access to future tools, content, or events created by community members.

  • Access to tools used for marketing or advertising.

Key example of rewards are:

  • Creating or producing research or content.

  • Producing or contributing to community events.

  • Development of tools for marketing or advertising.

$RETOKEN is not a currency.

$RETOKEN does not represent any ownership of intellectual property rights, royalties of future revenue, or claims on assets created by REtoken DAO LLC, its affiliates, partners, or owners.

$RETOKEN has no financial value and offers no rights or claims to assets or revenue.

$RETOKEN Total Supply: 10,000,000

$RETOKEN Token Contract: 0x48FBAA61DE702becB9b4AC0c6aFe3F9abcaFF914


polygonscan confirmation: https://polygonscan.com/address/0x48FBAA61DE702becB9b4AC0c6aFe3F9abcaFF914

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