Collab Land

We #BUIDL Passive Income with Real Estate for Everyone. Discover how to obtain the exclusive $RETOKEN Discord role as a REtoken DAO member and social token holde

Obtain your $RETOKEN Discord Role

The following steps are screenshots obtained from a Mac desktop. The experience may vary slightly on various platforms / devices / etc.

Step 1 - Navigate to #collabland-join Discord Channel

Navigate in Discord, under the ⊒⎯ INFO ⎯⊣ category in #collabland-join channel.

Step 2 - Click on the Let's go! Button

Click on the Let's go! button from the Collab.Land bot (pinned messages).

Step 3 - Connect Wallet

Click on the newly generated Connect Wallet button from the Collab.Land bot.

Discord will provide a warning on the custom link. Click Yep! button to proceed.

Step 5 - Connect to a wallet (browser:

Connect to wallet of choice in

Step 6 - Sign in wallet

Use your wallet to sign / authenticate the request from Collab.Land

Step 7 - Confirmation - says

No action necessary

Collab.Land will provide a notification window after your crypto wallet was successfully connected. The discord bot will then proceed to update your discord role(s) as applicable.

BONUS: Check your !rank in #πŸ€–-bot-commands

Type !rank in #πŸ€–-bot-commands Discord channel to see your server rank.

Click Discord Username to see your Discord Roles

Assuming that you are a $RETOKEN holder and you successfully followed the process ... CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now an exclusive member within the REtoken Discord community!!

History | 05Dec2021 | #collabland-join | New Discord Channel

As a part of the Collab.Land discord upgrade process, a new channel was created: #collabland-join. This has been added to the ⊒⎯ INFO ⎯⊣ category.

There is a #collabland-config channel in the Discord server management category. Here is a screenshot of the notification that we received from the Collab.Land bot before / after this bot upgrade occurred.

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