Discord Roles

Discord RoleDescription

Discord Mods

Assigned to members who have Administrator privileges over the Discord server


Belongs to the https://collab.land/ bot


Belongs to the https://mee6.xyz/ bot


Belongs to the DEGEN POAP bot


Belongs to the https://sesh.fyi/ bot

Restream Bot

Belongs to the https://restream.io/chat bot


Belongs to the https://automate.io/ bot


Belongs to the https://integrately.com/ bot


A role granted only to bots on the server

Server Booster

Users that help our server to unlock additional features such as vanity url, etc.


Members that are planning on attending ETHDenver 2022

$RETOKEN Member of the Week

Awarded to users that are currently a "member of the week" in any category


Members of REtoken DAO that have membership at other DAOs

ReLaunch TEAM Captain

A member taking on the TEAM Captain responsibilities for any TEAM


Founders and Genesis members of REtoken

Ambassadors TEAM

Believes in the vision and mission of the project and actively contribute to the growth of the community

Content TEAM

Who participates and creating content to REtoken and its related projects


Member of Development team, who participates and contributes to build software solutions

Platform TEAM

Member of content tools research team

Reddit Mods

Maintains our Redidit space by adding content


The role gets assigned to those who received $REtokens by participating and/or contributing to the REtoken DAO events such as Community call, Working Group meetings, etc.

Lite Paper (White Paper)

A member that has contributed to the lite paper efforts

Coordinape (Round 1)

Members participating in the first Coordinape round


Member of the Token Town Colorado project


Member of the Flag ship project Token Town

Gnosis-Safe Signers

Holds a key to our Gnosis safe, multi-signature wallet

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