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What is REtoken DAO?

REtoken DAO is a global community of people interested in disrupting the legacy real estate markets through designing blockchain solutions that make housing more affordable. You can learn more about mission and values, and read our Lite Paper here: https://docs.ret.team/

What is the business of the DAO?

We are building the most influential and engaged real estate DAO in the world for the purpose of educating people about fractionalized real estate and giving them tools to participate in it. Once the solution is designed and tested, increased application of the model and Sales of the NFTs will be the business of the DAO.

How do I join REtoken’s Discord?

REtoken Discord Link - https://discord.gg/retokendao

How do I buy $RETOKEN?

REtoken DAO welcomes everybody to join and contribute. During Season 0 (our current season), you can’t buy $RETOKEN.


How do I earn $RETOKEN?

It can be earned in several ways including participating in conference calls and working groups, RSVPing to events, and doing bounties / special projects, and providing opportunities for us to apply for as a community. REtoken was a fair launch. Early members of $RETOKEN earned it on the same scale as it’s available now.

How can I contribute to the community?

Introduce yourself in the Introduction channel on Discord and tell us what you’re interested in.

How do I vote on proposals?

  1. Go to snapshot.org

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Join the “REtoken” Community

  4. Vote on any open proposals.

Your votes are public and irreversible. If your $RETOKEN is showing at 0 and you’ve earned some, you may have either not received an Airdrop yet or you may not have bridged it correctly. Contact yonks for support.

What is the Genesis Proposal?

The Genesis Proposal was the first proposal that established some general guidelines of REtoken. You can read it here. https://snapshot.org/#/retokendao.eth/proposal/QmdJUQkW6dNWfuT5BZbx1qWzopgbpEFom1xaVsVCQCT7UD

What teams are available to join / Who are the team captains?

We have Ambassadors, Content Team, DEV Team, and New Platform Team. Request the Team Captain to add you to the team. You do not have to be highly technical to participate in the DEV team.

Ambassadors (Captain needed) reach out to other DAOs, to members of the community, and to members of REtoken who are new and/or inactive to grow our community.

The Content team (Captain – yonks) generates most of the REtoken content including YouTube videos, articles, graphics, and any other medium.

The DEV team (Captain – dSine) is everything technical including bot installation, website, technical protocols, and special projects.

The New Platform team (Captain – MrsYonks) is the launch team for retoken.mn.co, a Mighty Network launched for those who prefer a less chatty and more user-friendly experience to Discord.

What exchanges is $RETOKEN listed on?

It’s not currently available for trading. If that changes in the future, we will make an announcement and update this section.

Do you have a community calendar?

Yes, you can download it here: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=cmV0b2tlbi5kYW9AZ21haWwuY29t

It should automatically populate in your local time. If you need a spot check, community calls are Wednesday at 7pm Eastern Time, USA. Please see if this is showing in your local time.

How can I give $RETOKEN to other members of the DAO?

If you’re making a gift of $RETOKEN that you own, you can transfer it directly. If you want to reward someone for extra effort out of REtoken’s Treasury, you can allocate it to them by using Coordinape. You must be a member of the same team to give points to another member. To opt in, contact the Team Captain of the team you want to give an award to.

We are structured as a DAO LLC in Wyoming, USA, formed on June 26, 2021, and governed by an algorithm which means governance is determined by consensus voting. Any $RETOKEN holder is a member of the DAO. We currently do not have a Board of Stewards. Our Gnosis multi-sig signers are elected every 6 months by $RETOKEN holders.

What projects has REtoken done in the past?

We won first place in the Gitcoin Decentralized Governance (DGov) Hackathon. We also competed in the US Department of Energy American Made Solar Prize.

What real estate project is REtoken working on now?

Our first real estate project is TokenTown, a neighborhood of 50-100 homes to be built in Opportunity Zones with solar power and cryptomines. Ownership will be available through tokenization and a cooperative housing protocol. More info is available at https://tokentown.net.

How can I buy a governance token for TokenTown?

You can mint one for 1 wrapped Ethereum (1 WETH) on the Polygon network. Please contact yonks or MrsYonks if you have questions. There are 32 total available, some are already sold.

Is there an opportunity to buy in for less than 1 ETH?

Yes! We have a community DAO that you can buy into for 0.1 ETH. For every 10 segments purchased, the community DAO will purchase one governance token. You will be able to vote internally on how to cast that DAO’s vote. You may buy as many fractional shares as you’d like.

Why do you talk about the SEC / FINRA and how does that impact REtoken?

Our position is that any token backed by a real world asset (such as fractional interest in a house) is a security. While the SEC’s position on crypto is completely defined, we believe they will regulate issuers, potentially retroactively, and we want to be in compliance. Therefore, we will be doing a registered securities offering with a broker-dealer, a registered transfer agent, and a custodian. At this time, the US Government does not recognize the public blockchain as a custodian. We intend to fill our offering through an SEC registered offering. Governance tokens are NOT investments and do not entitle the buyer to any specific return. They are for utility only.

Do you accept proposals for new real estate projects?

Not at this time. All of our current efforts are focused on TokenTown. Other opportunities will be considered in the future.

Another DAO or organization I’m involved with wants to make a grant to REtoken. How is this facilitated?

Please reach out to yonks or MrsYonks for details.

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